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Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® 

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"Mr. Jeffery Harris was instrumental in working with my family and I during the recent passing of my father. I received personal counseling from him to help deal with my father's transition. He was able to work with each of my family members and was especially instrumental in working with the grandchildren of the family to understand their grief. He is a highly qualified professional and I recommend the GrieFree™ Recovery Counseling Process."

Katrina H Richardson

Third Grade Teacher, Robert R. Church Elementary

grieFree™ (901) 390-8050  Memphis, TN

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It is known throughout society that men have not been allowed to process or express their natural reaction to the losses in their lives. As little boys, they were told "wipe those tears, boys don't cry..." , "suck it up..." and many other unhealthy commands that did not allow them to express or understand the emotions they were experiencing due to the loss in their lives. These unexpressed emotions have impacted most of the decisions they've made.

At the Permission to Grieve Tour, we're going to give men permission to grieve the losses in their lives along with the tools to help them understand and control the emotions associated with the grief they are experiencing.